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Admission Open 2017-2018
KBS Gurukul & KBS Academy. Application Form Available 16 Dec.2016

SA - 2
SA -2 Start - 27 Feb.2017

7 Merit
Muskan Ansari 7 Merit 2016

7th Merrite In Raj.Board Muskan Ansari Pravin Classes Two Years Regular Class Room Student.


What is a KBS Academy

What is the concept of KBS Play Group Academy ? A play school is a place where around 10-20 children spend 1-2 hours each day under the supervision of a couple of teachers. "The supervisor-child ratio should ideally be around 1:10" says Dr.

She believes that play schools have a lot to offer, and that the play schools should not be aimed at developing academic skills like reading and writing. She also says there should be no set goals or any stress on performance; the focus should be on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child. She is very much an advocate of play schools since they develop age-appropriate behaviour at the right time.

Benefits of play school: Learning

Most parents give their children plenty of attention in terms of looking after their basic needs and showering them with toys to entertain them. In play schools, however, children are provided with the 'right' toys, i.e. those appropriate to their stage of development. Also, their play is guided so that it becomes a learning experience. The ideas is that children should transfer play behaviours such as feeding a doll, changing its clothes, etc. to themselves, and thus develop self-help skills. The thinking is that if a child can go through the motions of feeding a doll, it will soon learn to feed itself.

Play schools also teach children to recognize their own possessions. Soon a child will learn to identify his school bag, learn the mealtime routine that involves opening a lunchbox, folding a napkin and putting everything back after the meal is over and so on. Now this may not seem like a great achievement, but by the standards of toddler behaviour, it is. Children are not born with these skills, they have to develop them. And this is where the play school steps in to help parents out. Another advantage Dr. Mehrotra pointed out is that a child's language skills develop faster as they interact with many children of their own age and a little older.


1. Learning through Fun.
2. Computer Classes
3. Friendly Faculty.
4. Art & Crafts
5. Unique teaching Method
6. Sport & Activities.
7. Smart Toy and Audio,visual Clases
8. Digital Class room
9. Minimum teacher student ratio.
10. Animated Classes
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