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अष्टमी , रामनवमी और दशहरा की बधाई
There will be Holiday 14 and 15 October due to Ramnavmi and Dussehra.

Online Live Classes Re Open
Start will be 05 July 2021

New Session 2021-2022
Will be Start on 7 April 2021

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What is the concept of KBS Play Group Academy ? A play school is a place where around 10-20 children spend 1-2 hours each day under the supervision of a couple of teachers. "The supervisor-child ratio should ideally be around 1:10" says Dr.
She believes that play schools have a lot to offer, and that the play schools should not be aimed at developing academic skills like reading and writing. She also says there should be no set goals or any stress on performance; the focus should be on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child. She is very much an advocate of play schools since they develop age-appropriate behaviour at the right time.

Benefits of play school: Learning

Most parents give their children plenty of attention in terms of looking after their basic needs and showering them with toys to entertain them. In play schools, however, children are provided with the 'right' toys, i.e. those appropriate to their stage of development. Also, their play is guided so that it becomes a learning experience. The ideas is that children should transfer play behaviours such as feeding a doll, changing its clothes, etc. to themselves, and thus develop self-help skills. The thinking is that if a child can go through the motions of feeding a doll, it will soon learn to feed itself.
Play schools also teach children to recognize their own possessions. Soon a child will learn to identify his school bag, learn the mealtime routine that involves opening a lunchbox, folding a napkin and putting everything back after the meal is over and so on. Now this may not seem like a great achievement, but by the standards of toddler behaviour, it is. Children are not born with these skills, they have to develop them. And this is where the play school steps in to help parents out. Another advantage Dr. Mehrotra pointed out is that a child's language skills develop faster as they interact with many children of their own age and a little older.

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1. Learning through Fun.
2. Computer Classes.
3. Friendly Faculty.
4. Art & Crafts.
5. Unique teaching Method.
6. Sport & Activities.
7. Smart Toy and Audio,visual Clases.
8. Digital Class room.
9. Minimum teacher student ratio.
10. Animated Classes.
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Mission & Vision

KBS Group, KBS Gurukul, KBS Academy will educate all scholars to achive today in a global community and economy. Working collaboratively to ensure every student activies academically, socially and emotionally.

Aims and Objectives— The School aims to achieve the following –

The core purpose of KBS School is to create an inclusive community of successful learners .
* To give meaning and enjoyment to the student’s present learning experience and to encourage self – motivation , enterprise and commitment to lifelong learning.
* To prepare students to be responsible citizens within the community and to give them the flexibility and skills to meet the demands of a rapidity changing society
* To create a caring environment where , as far as it is humanly possible , pupils enjoy a happy and rewarding experience.


Raj Dubey
  Proud of Mr.Pravin Gupta Well manage and excellent management in KBS Groups.
  Best school in every things Strong academic part and online features.
Pooja Shrivastava
  Kbs is such innovative and best school for learning
Nisha gupta
  I would like to thank u all for taking me on and giving me a chance to gain some valuable experience. I wish u well for the future and keep up good work.
Jancy N
  Education is the key to unlock the Golden door of freedom
shivani sharma
  We are very proud of our school grounds and outstanding facilities to make learning the very best for your child.
  Education is the passport to the future and we built this passport.
Anita verma
  Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination
Rajkumar jha
  धन , यश , स्वास्थ्य , बल हमसे छीने जा सकते हैं। पर विद्या हमसे कोई नही छीन सकता इसलिए विद्या ही अनमोल धन है जो मृत्य
Bheem Suman
  मकड़ी जैसे मत उलझो तुम गम के ताने बाने में। तितली जैसे रंग बिखेरो हंस कर इस जमाने में।
  Right choice kbs
Priya Yadav
  Kbs में बच्चो को सिखाने और पढ़ाने का तरीका बहुत अच्छा है। यदि बच्चो को सही सिखाना हो तो kbs से अच्छा कोई नही है। धन्यवाद
  KBS Academy excellent study as well as all over Development.
Amita verma
  Kbs academy is advanced school in tech and a house of quality education.
manish jha
  Fabulous institute
pawan songara
  Best coaching for chemistry
pawan songara
  Best coaching for chemistry i am also read in pravin classes
Manish jha
  It's really too good sir .....
  Bringing up a child is a very rewarding experience. But it is a challenging job, one that has tremendous responsibilities. It is a complex task and a lot of patience and understanding is required to give a good upbringing to the child. A child's behavior and needs change in different stages of hi
Deepika Rawat
  Best coaching for Chemistry in Kota.


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* KBS Academy offers education to students right from Pre Nursery to standard.......
* We follow the CBSE curriculum in our school.
* An appropriate teacher – student ratio of 1:30 ensures individual attention to the students.
* Dedicated and well qualified staff.
* Students progress is continuously monitored in scholastic and co-scholastic areas through continuous assessment and periodic evaluation.
* Career counselling and remedial classes form an integral part of school academic program.
* Our Academic program lay emphasis on holistic perception and critical thinking integrative with intuitive decision making as essential components in the process of learning.
* We aim at developing an all round individual who is strong enough to sustain and creative enough to foster the needs of society.


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About Dr.Pravin Gupta

Pravin Classes was established in 2000, The Director of Pravin classes, Dr. Pravin Gupta, who qualified in M.Sc. in Organic chemistry and Ph.D. in Polymers has a mission of his Institute to generate educational awareness and to make academic environment in chemistry field. For last 15 years. 15 years of its existence, "Pravin Classes" has reached at the top in Kota by making more than 5,000 students successful in securing AIEEE, RPMT, AIPMT, RPET seats in various colleges/Inst. through CBSE/RBSE both medium.... Read More..

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Address: Behind Thana Bhim Ganj Mandi Gali No.-2 Kota (Raj.)
Contact No: +91-94142-42370


Address: Sogaria Chandesal Main Road Kota (Raj.)
Contact No: 94615-15001
 Mon-Sat 8:00am to 4:00pm (GMT+05:30)