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Admission Open Foundation division Coaching wd School

Admission Open 2023-2024

New Session will be start on 01 April 2023

School Office Open

Open Time 08 Am - 02 Pm

Online Admission Open

login Admission form in 4 step and easy admission process .

Admission Open 2023-2024

Admission Open For All School and College Classes


संस्कृति सुमन ने कराटे चैम्पियन शिप में ५ वर्ष वर्ग में गोल्ड मैडल जीता

Win Gold Medal & Silver Medal

Congtatulation KBS Students win 2 gold medal & 2 silve medal in Abacus State level competition.

First Time In Kota

School + Coaching + Home Work + sports एक ही समय..एक ही जगह..एक ही फीस..



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