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Dear Parents and Students,

I would not say each one of us should be all rounder rather each one of us are different and have different talent, School is student’s second home, we want each student should get the exposure for their respective Talent.

KBS School offers an extraordinary opportunity both in Scholastic and Co-Scholastic areas. We have a comprehensive array of Co-Scholastic activities that encourage our children to develop their talents.


'Every moment in life brings new possibilities and opportunities of success and the boundless joy is compounded when we are about to realize our goal.'

Our Core Aspiration is to provide an Educational Excellence, in that every student makes a positive difference during the time with us. In expecting Excellence, we ensure that children enjoy school in a happy, safe and secure atmosphere designed to fulfill their potential. To bring the positive difference.

The founder of this school are Dr. Pravin Gupta and Mrs. Seema Gupta.

Always wanted to implement the concept of Gurukul in KBS Gurukul, so

we start our day with Yoga and Meditation, followed by Moral value sessions, public speaking etc. The most important area of development in today’s scenario is to be a good human being and cope up with modern Era, we joined hands with MOTION FOUNDATION DIVISION (School integrated program, cochin classes for class 6th to 10th).


Let us pray Mrs. Seema Gupta Mam to be with us forever and with her blessings I envisage the glorious future of KBS School. Looking forward to receive you into our care.


Shivani Gupta


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