Minutes of SLFC Meeting


On the 12th January 2024, the secretary of the school Society of KBS School Kota once again had issued a notice to  duty elected members of school committee informing about second meeting to be held in school on 2nd January at 3:00 p.m. In order to discuss the budget and fixation of fee for the coming session as per the guidelines of the act.

There are 7 members in committee and all 7 were present at the meeting the meeting began with a short prayer lead by the chairman Dr Praveen Gupta the Chairman and secretary extended a warm welcome to each one present and introduced the members.


As per agenda, the budget for the session 2024-25 was submitted before the school society by the school management and it was taken up for discussion.The members very keenly  examined about all the relevant factors with regard to infrastructure, qualitative education various facilities provided as per the website of the school education standard the expenditure 

Administration and maintenance, salary components, reasonable amount for yearly increments, expenditure  incurred on the students over total income of the school facilities  that were made available for students, reasonable revenue surplus for the purpose of development of education and expansion of the school and other factors.

Then the members of school Society work convinced that fee rays in the coming session is absolute necessity and justified. The secretary of the society suggested that 10% could be raised in fee for session 2024- 25.


All the members present animously agreed upon the suggestion and approved the same. thus it was approved and decided that for the session 2024 - 25 10% raise could be fixed upon. Thus finalized and approved the fixation of fee for this year.


As the meeting came to the close with proposing a vote of thanks at 4:00 p.m. on 16/01/2024 .


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