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*  Motor skills, Toys Gripping,Bead and ball activity, Puzzles, Blocks, Hammer and tong exercise, threading and counting beads.

*  Art and craft work, Puppet, Hand impression, Coloring, Cotton dabbing, Clay modeling, Tearing and pasting, Sticking, Trace bodies and color, Free draw, toy, snack etc

* Seasons, dresses, festivals movies and visits.

* Mothers day, Fathers day, Grand parent day, Friendship day, Teachers day, Annual and Sports day.

* Graphing "how many in our classrooms?" Names and hunt around classroom.

* Paper plate faces with emotions and Picnic plates with food cut - outs.

* Memory game with cards, fruit and vegetable prints with paint.

* Free draw on paper - things at night and things during the day.

* Dramatic play schoolroom, home, shop and housekeeping.

* Free draw on parts of the plants and leaf printing.

* Plays, Puppets and dramatic play - Movie theater.

* Baby footprints with palm impression.

* Grow seeds, plant and basic works in a garden.

* Texture box - sheep wool, felt, corduroy etc.

* Mix/match cards with dress and season.

* Themes, Rhymes, Stories, Song and Dance.

* Animal mural, Animal/Birds/Plants/Puzzles.

* Ride around the area in bus.

* Sports, Games, Physical activities.

* Sticking, cutting and pasting.

* Trip to a Zoo and animal noises.

* Free draw favorite person or favorite animal.

* Floor puzzles.and many more...

* Mytholigical activities and movie shows.

About Dr.Pravin Gupta

Pravin Classes was established in 2000, The Director of Pravin classes, Dr. Pravin Gupta, who qualified in M.Sc. in Organic chemistry and Ph.D. in Polymers has a mission of his Institute to generate educational awareness and to make academic environment in chemistry field. For last 15 years. 15 years of its existence, "Pravin Classes" has reached at the top in Kota by making more than 5,000 students successful in securing AIEEE, RPMT, AIPMT, RPET seats in various colleges/Inst. through CBSE/RBSE both medium.... Read More..

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