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Miss n Master KBS

K.B.S Academy School celebrated Fresher’s Day . The programme started with a prayer and a welcome song by the HKG students.The children were happy to see cartoon characters  and his team dancing in front of them. Many Hindi and English  songs were also presented to entertain the children. The highlight of the programme was the Kolavari dance by the HKG students. Apart from presenting dances and songs, children also participated in Master/Miss Fresher and Master/Miss Smiley contest.  The principal, Mrs Seema Gupta , congratulated the H.K.G for giving a bright and colourful party to their juniors. She also appreciated the efforts put in by teachers for training the children.


Show n Tall activity

In this activity each child tells about his/her object which he/ she shows.These type of activities develop the speaking skills and increase the confidence level.We pramote each and every student to take part in that type of activities for their over all development .We also provide them training for facing stage in these activities.  

Kids Prepared Art n Craft

These art and craft of our student is amazing.I suprised how wonderful our student can imaigin  !  We also thankful of  our faculty members  to motivate our student to make these wonderful creativity..

Yoga Shiver

Health is Wealth.Our lovely  little champ perform various activities with full of energy whole of the day because every morning they uses yoga and medetation practices.Our yoga instructor teaches them various type of asanas which are benefecial for them.

Group Photo 2014 -  2015 

Ten ways for teens to reduce stress-

1.     Talk to a friend  or  trusted adult.

2.     Listen to music.

3.     Do something physical. Play your favourite sports , go for a walk , jog etc.

4.     Make a list , prioritize a plan ahead.

5.     As k for help.

6.     Laugh ,Don’t be so serious.

7.     Relex.

8.     Be creative paint , draw or sing !

9.     Don’t  use alcohol or drug – it makes thing worse.

10.  Take your negetive energy and turn it into something  positive .

About Dr.Pravin Gupta

Pravin Classes was established in 2000, The Director of Pravin classes, Dr. Pravin Gupta, who qualified in M.Sc. in Organic chemistry and Ph.D. in Polymers has a mission of his Institute to generate educational awareness and to make academic environment in chemistry field. For last 15 years. 15 years of its existence, "Pravin Classes" has reached at the top in Kota by making more than 5,000 students successful in securing AIEEE, RPMT, AIPMT, RPET seats in various colleges/Inst. through CBSE/RBSE both medium.... Read More..

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