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At KBS Group of Education we focus on a very important rule of education that "Every student can learn, just not on the same day or the same way ". A good educational institution is one that helps the overall development of a child-mind, body and character. To achieve this goal, we provide a wide array of Sports like Basketball, Badminton, Chess etc.

so that each student can seize the opportunities afforded him/her. We are committed to transforming each student entering our doors to become the best of the upper echelon of society. The school has maintained good infrastructure and good management for our students.

We provide education that goes beyond the realms of textbooks, that is to nurture talent of each student and motivates them towards innovation, thinking out of box.

Apart from handling academic we provide a strong emphasis on character development and moral values.

We have enthusiastic faculty members who put their best effort to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity and a passion for lifelong learning and development.

Including Gurukul concept we provides the education and development of student considering present scenario and development required for students which promotes an enthusiasm among all the student results into healthy competition among them.

We would like you to be the part of our family and find correct path for your child.


Dr. Pravin Gupta

Chairman KBS Group


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